“teaching is the process of providing guided opportunities for
students.” (Huitt, 2011)

What is Huitt’s (2011) view about the function of teaching?

According to Huitt, “teaching is not giving knowledge or skills to students; teaching is the process of providing guided opportunites for students to produce relatively permanent change through the engagement in experiences provided by the teacher”.

Do you agree that “teaching is not giving knowledge or skills to students”? How does his view differ from your own?

I definitely agree with Huitt’s view on teaching. Students don’t go to class brain dead and needed to be enlivened again. Rather, they come to school with considerable amount of knowledge, be it correct of wrong. Either way, that knowledge is based on intuition, observation and everyday experience. Teachers on the other hand need to facilitate student’s preconceptions by giving them guided instructions. They need to vary their teaching method depending on whether student’s pre acquired knowledge or preconceptions agree with the concept being taught or contradict those concepts. Teachers that provide guided opportunities are effective teachers.  They let their student to analyze their problems without spoon feeding them with hints and answers. As a result, students will think critically by participating in discussions and raising questions to satisfy their curiosity.

How will teachers who share his view that “teaching is the process of providing guided opportunities for students“ do things differently from those who believe that teaching is “giving knowledge or skills to students”?.

On the contrary, teachers who believe that their task is to give knowledge or skills to students make teachers ineffective.”  They are usually the ones who require memorization and make their class less engaging. They spoon feed their student by spitting all the information needed. In colloquial term college student would often utter “petiks lang naman kay sir dela cruz, no worries, hehe” .

A teacher who steps into the classroom without specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound timely goals or interventions is a teacher doomed to failure and ineffectiveness. At the end of the day, nothing is achieved because nothing has been worked towards what should have been done. (http://www.helium.com/items/1525262-what-makes-a-teacher-ineffective)


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