Intelligence- Module 4

What strategies do you use to learn?

Different people use different techniques when studying. Going back to school as a non-traditional student can be a real challenge so I need to find different approaches which are different from the traditional.  I’m a kind of person who learns best at a slow to moderate pace, so I really need to focus by reading over and over again in order to have an in-depth understanding about a certain topic at hand. Finding the proper time and mindset is really crucial for me; as well as eliminating internal and environmental distractions.

How do you know how well you have learned; what are your indicators of learning?

It’s a very interesting question and here’s what I thought that I came up with:

  • When I am able to perform an action then I have learned a skill
  • When I  see and hear something that I haven’t seen before or a novel situation
  • When it feels like a Déjà vu

According to your learning strategies, where do you (in practice) seem to stand in the nature-nurture debate?

I stand for both because it’s clear that biology and culture both have their roles to play in the formation of human behavior. The focus is more about figuring out how these elements shape human behavior. The idea that it’s primarily one or the other isn’t really bandied around. That isn’t to say that they don’t come into conflict now and then, of course.

 Are there ways in which you have already experienced multiple intelligence approaches in school, either with or without realizing it?

In addition to regular subjects like math and linguistics, schools also integrate Multiple Intelligence into every aspect of learning like music, art, creative movement, culinary and physical education. I remember when I was in High school elective subjects were also included like gardening, scouting, and public speaking. With the integration of these fields and other extra-curricular activities, students could find out where their strengths are and what they’re passionate about, and use that to move them in the direction of learning new skills.

How can you design your own learning (in your present courses) so that you can tap your multiple intelligences?

Well in my present courses I always see to it that I have thoroughly read a specific topic at hand before participating in in discussion fora with my classmates. And since communication skills are vital in online learning because students must seek help when they need it. I always make sure that I communicate with teacher and staff in full grammatically correct sentences with full respectful tone.

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