Though flexibility and convenience are the main advantages of distance education, I find online learning more challenging than it may seem. To take an honest look at myself, I don’t feel that I have completely met my expectations or even optimized my learning but this experience has changed my perspectives a great deal. I want to emphasize that MOTIVATION is the most crucial part of this learning process. It not only sets in motion the activity resulting in learning, but also sustains and directs it. Time really flies so fast and the twelve weeks of learning seems really so tight and overwhelming but nonetheless and it has been a life changing experience for me.

My Learning Experience


One of the strengths I gain is the ability to REFLECT on my thoughts because I tend to think more deeply about the subject areas when responding in writing. I think that I am able to continually reflect on my classmate’s reflections because of the permanent display of the discussion postings online and that forces me to think twice about subject areas before posting a comment or an answer when I have to respond in writing. In regard to asynchronous environment, it really forces students to write carefully about their ideas because all of the discussion questions were not just for writing the answers; it tends to require reflections. On the other hand, since all my of my classmates here are all articulate, which sometimes can be quite overwhelming to deal with, devising a vocabulary list is really helpful in order to for me to vary my words as well as enhancing my writing skills.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Times constraint

One of the difficulties I have been running into is balancing my work and study. Working the graveyard shift is really hard so I really need to push myself hard in order for me to cope up and strike a balance between work and study. Time management is also crucial for me and I have come to realize how important time really is and how to manage it with utmost care.

Action plan:

Getting enough sleep

I will get enough sleep before attempting to read or study for me to get energized.


I will always reflect on my personal motivations in taking up this course.


Myth: “I work better under pressure”
Reality: They only work under pressure, and it increases their stress level.

This is the thing that I am guilty of and I have come to realize that procrastinating would likely bring me down. I really feel stressed out when I need to cram on things that I could have been prepared for. I hate the feeling of being off the hook, but if you don’t do it, you feel worse and more stuck than ever.

Action plan:

  • I will not wait for the “right mood” or the “right time” to tackle the important task at hand; I’ll just do it.
  • I will set realistic goals: break large projects into smaller steps.
  • I will remove distractions, rather than fight temptations.
  • I commit to stop this habit again.


My personal epistemological theory:

In conclusion, our own personal epistemology influences our own  theories of learning, and consequently, how we approach, design, and delivery it. In order for me to be successful at any of the theories of learning or epistemology tasks, I need to make a relatively conscious decisions to set aside my own current knowledge, understand the position of other individual and be able to linguistically articulate my thoughts.

I would like to thank Rhed (Reynaldo) Flores for pushing me to continue this course. Since day 1, he has always been a friend to lean on. Though he is one of the most active and genius student of this class, he would always make sure to tell me that he feels and shares the same moments of negativity that I feel JUST to make me feel less overwhelmed and JUST to make me keep on moving and he never fails to say the same thing over and over again every time I ask question whenever I feel lost – you have psyched me up a great deal. THANKS BUD!

Also, I would like to thank teacher Malou Juancho for the positive insights. You may seem intimidating and scary because I don’t know if you’re being lenient or strict, but so far you have motivated me start over again. You have been a perfect educator and a role model for me. I am forever grateful.

Lastly, to my colleagues at work, Team Nike, and especially my parents, Thank you all!

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