Module 5- Behavior

I can still remember vivid memories of my father using corporal punishment on me and my sister when we were young. It’s bizarre though that he could turn so sweet but could go ballistic when things were not going his way. But the good thing was he was able tone down the use corporal punishment on us as we age. The last time me and my sister got beaten up or spanked (I don’t know what degree :0) was when I was in the fourth grade but after that, he turns to be the coolest father in the universe, especially when we went in high school. I think that he used corporal punishment just to keep us grounded. In later years of our adolescent he turned out to be very supportive in everything that what we did. At times when would get good grades, he would cook special food and gave gifts even if there was no special occasion. His subtle way of motivating us has helped me and my sister to be disciplined and self-regulated in some ways.


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