Module 6- Social Learning Theory

Module 6

Just what I thought the distant learning was just a piece of cake, but I was completely darn wrong. Balancing school and personal obligations have become a juggling act for me and it is overwhelmingly not easy. I would probably say that is more difficult than traditional setup.  In a traditional setting you get to have answers for your question right away because of the real time interaction with your teacher and classmates. Unlike online setting, getting answers from questions is not easily acquired because you have to wait for a period time to be answered.  In general and I think the most crucial factor in order to be successful in an online study class is motivation. Without motivation one cannot acquire the learning what he or she needs to achieve in this type set up. There is also the possibility to procrastinate (which is sometime I am guilty of) because you have to do the work at your own pace.

As a DE student for nearly two months, I have come to realize that being self-regulated and motivated is most crucial characteristic in order to be successful online student.




My mother- My mother is a self-made woman. Ever since I was a kid I have always admire her story of success.  Going to Manila alone to work as a maid at a very young age just to support her study is very profound for me. As a mama’s boy, she also my mentor, since I have introvert tendencies she always would always make sure to lift my spirit and boost my morale in order to face world.

My father- Like my mother, my father also came from an impoverished family. He only finished high school and has also gone to Manila to earn a living. Finding no luck, he went back to the province again to work as a farmer. He has worked so hard just to send us to school. With his practical wit, he is definitely one of my mentors and inspirations in life.

Carlos Bulosan- After accidentally reading his personal account book, “America in is the Heart”; it made an indelible impact on my perspective. Like my father and mother, Bulosan also came from a poor family. He could barely speak English when he went to America to be a peasant worker, but his quest for better education has made him a well-known writer and I somewhat associate myself with him and I hope could follow his footstep.


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