A constructivist classroom is learner-centered, students are active learner and not just recipient of information, the teacher facilitate and guides students to learning. On the other hand, a traditional classroom is more on direct instruction and teacher-centered. Students are passive learner and its the teacher that directs and controls most of the learning activities.



  • Begins with parts of the whole
  • Emphasizes basic skills.
  • Begins with the whole in mind and expands to include the parts.
  • Emphasizes big concepts


  • Strict adherence to fixed curriculum
  • Student questions and interests are pursued


  • Based on repetition
  • Interactive
  • Builds on previous knowledge


  • Primarily textbooks and workbooks
  • Primary sources
  • Manipulative materials


  • Teacher is the main source of information
  • Students are recipients of knowledge
  • Teachers guide students to knowledge
  • Students construct their own knowledge

Teacher’s Role

  • Directive
  • Authoritative
  • Interactive
  • Mediatior
  • Rooted in negotiation


  • Testing
  • Correct answers
  • Student work
  • Observations
  • Points of view
  • Tests
  • Understanding that process is important part of the final product.


  • Seen as inert
  • Dynamic
  • Ever changing
  • Based on experiences


  • Work primarily alone
  •  Work primarily in groups

When I was college, some of my teachers used traditional way of teaching or direct instruction wherein the lesson at hand was being spoon fed to students. During examinations, for example, much of the pointers to review given by a teacher were exactly the same  that will appear on the test. Some though were like stating a privilege speech, where you would just listen to the teacher until the lesson was finished without having students interact/interrupt during the discussion, not until the teacher left the room leaving a seat work and then the students would interactively cheat and exchange answers with their classmates.

With this lesson, I now understand the importance constructive pedagogy in teaching for the student to optimize their learning. In addition, it would be more effective if it is combined with positive reinforcement as well as incorporating social learning theory, cognitive and behaviorism.


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